The Writer Behind the Blog

I’m told that I should tell you who I am, because that can help with authenticity – and I am all about authenticity.

I remember the first time someone asked me to be authentic in a specific setting. It was the first ever Connect Group I joined at my church, it was a parenting group. I was completely thrown. “Isn’t everybody authentic?”

Then, I was completely taken aback by how fallacious it was in my own life. Here I was claiming I was this authentic person, and I was walking into a connect group with every intention to spit shine everything about myself so it was much, much more acceptable. Rather than saying, “Hi, I recently quit my job, and now I stay home and homeschool my son. I absolutely don’t know what I’m doing. I know nothing about what is to come, and I’m scared.” I wanted to say, “I gave up my job because it was a priority to homeschool my son, so here I am, to tell you all about this great journey we’re on.” Authentic, huh?

I honestly wanted to bolt the second week, but the other challenge they gave was to stick with the 8-week session. I don’t take challenges lightly so authenticity and stick with it: got it. To be honest, there were some weeks I just couldn’t even bring myself in. I still feel that way in some settings where vulnerability comes to the surface. I feel that way now, because once I put these words into the world, you’ll have a piece of my heart and you’ll have the ability to comment on it. (Feel free, by the way, I’d love to know what you think.)

The truth is, this isn’t going to be easy for me. But, I want to bring my whole self to you because I think the Spirit is calling me to do just that. My whole self isn’t very polished. It is my mission to tell you the truth about that.


So, who am I?


I am Amber. I’m twenty-five-years-old. I have an amazing, hard working husband, Jake. We have an incredible, funny son Julius who we happen to homeschool. We live in Michigan, in a city we didn’t expect to live in. There have been a lot of puzzle piece in our lives that fell in place to put us right here doing just this.


Who I am is rooted in Christ. I am forgiven by Christ, not by my own works but by grace. I keep a sliver of wood next to the mirror in my bedroom with Ephesians 2:8-9 burnt into it. It is my favorite verse and it led me to be baptized a few summers ago. Jesus has given me the gift of new life, and I want to thank him by becoming what he calls me to become. This first blog of mine is a step in that journey.


Learning to follow Christ has taught me that he came here to be with us. The more I read the gospels, the more I feel called to be with others. Which, for an introvert like me, is a scary calling. I want to step towards you in faith and be a friend who is with you. Along the way, I hope you’ll find Jesus with you.


His voice in our lives can change with every change in the wind, and it can be hard to find out what he sounds like if you forget to listen. I want to invite you into this space of authenticity where I will tell you about my journey in listening to Him.

I haven’t always been honest. Ask some of my bosses and I’m sure they’ll tell you where I’ve messed up. I also haven’t always been a good friend. All of this is a journey and it is my goal to be an honest friend. I’ll tell you the messy, weird parts of this journey. I’ll tell you when I mess up. I’ll also tell you how Jesus meets us in those places with grace.

I am a real-life woman who is called to Christ to become something she doesn’t truly understand yet. I think that can be said for most of us, and I truly believe if we can do this journey together we’ll always be better for it. I want to write to you weekly and I want to find you in these weeks and meet you where you are.

I’ll tell you about the whispering of the Holy Spirit in my life. I’ll tell you when I’m having a hard time listening. I’ll tell you about the things I’m reading and experiencing that bring me back to Christ. I’ll tell you about day-to-day life. I’ll talk about things that are serving me and letting go of things that are not. I’ll bring you my honesty and we can meet where grace is, on the steps of God’s kingdom, forever wondering how he chose us.

I also will write about the lighter things. The things that let my love-light shine: books I’m reading, shows I’m watching, lists I’m making, bullet journals I’m creating, projects I’m doing, lessons I’m learning, and food I’m cooking.


I’m writing for you. If you need a moment of something real in your life. If you need a moment of grace. If you don’t even know what that means. I’m writing for you who needs hope. You who doesn’t know Christ, and you who does.

I’m also writing for those of you who just need a little light in the middle of your week.

My goal with this blog is to reach out to you, but it is also to work on my writing and my message. I want to write a book, and this feels like an important first step in learning how to be a good writer. That is why I hope that you’ll meet me here, too. You can leave comments or find me in the “Contact” Section. I know not all of you will agree with what I have to share or say, I invite those of you who don’t to contact me, too. I want to hear from everyone, all of your different views and love lights. I am growing, too. I hope you’ll meet me with grace and I’ll do the same with you.