An Invitation to my War Room


I’m writing to you an invitation to my table. My table comes in many forms. One day it is a circle of people who believe in your becoming. On another day it is us, one on one with a coffee in our hands. Today, though, it is me finding you right where you are.

The gift of being where you are is given to us readily by a God who knows us and loves us still.

One night, when God found me right where I was, I sat in a circle  on my first night of life group. I was nervous. An observer. Fly on the wall. Show me who you are.

I was convinced these people who come to life group must have much more figured out than I do. From the other side of the room a sweet girl sat on the floor crisscross applesauce, with a notebook open on her lap. She shared stories that opened herself to vulnerability. She talked about her family, her needs, her prayers. In our conversation, she exposed something so many of us face: distraction during prayer. She talked about how fervently she wanted to pray, but how often she found herself thinking of other things. She wondered aloud if her prayers were ineffective.

Isn’t that what the enemy wants us to think?

I can tell you with certainty God hears our prayers, whether we’re distracted or not. I can also meet that beautiful grace with a challenge. How do we refocus our prayer life? Because aren’t we all that girl, sitting with our vulnerabilities at God’s feet, asking questions?

Our prayer life is pivotal. It takes us to war with the enemy, an enemy who comes to steal and to kill and to destroy (John 10:10). We give our needs, our ideas, our longings, our whole selves to God; and he meets us with grace.

Nobody has taught me this lesson better than than Miss Clara in the movie War Room. That movie has made me giggle, brought me to tears, and helped me center my prayer life.

Miss Clara’s war room is the perfect example of how we should really be fighting through our life. She takes every part of her life straight to God and gives it to him passionately. She knows how good and glorious God is. She has faith that every prayer will be answered. She joyously celebrates the grace of Jesus. Watching her faithfulness lit a fire in me. I wanted so much to pray like Miss Clara. I felt pulled to create my own prayer space. I’ve worked and lived and prayed in my war room for almost a year now, and I want to share the transformation in my faith with you.

So, here is my formal invitation to come and hang out with me in my favorite place. Let’s sit down together, open our notebooks, and give it to God.

In my next few blog posts I will take you through why to war room, how to war room, and many more of my favorite things about my war room.

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If you haven’t seen it, here is a link to rent or buy the movie War Room.

Also, if you want to take it a step further, Priscilla Shirer wrote Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer after she played Elizabeth in “War Room”.

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