The Giving Challenge


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This year, for the season of giving. I am bringing you a challenge.

Our challenge is brought to you by The Sparkle Box: A Gift with the Power to Change Christmas, a wonderful children’s book that was given to us last year by our church.


This delightful read is about a little boy who’s family fills the sparkle box on their mantle with gifts for Jesus during the Christmas season.

In this gift giving guide, I will share four ways to bring Jesus’s love to the community.



Water4 is an organization that uplifts communities in Africa to help them build their own water solutions. Instead of just building a charity, they are empowering a community. When you give to Water4 you can be sure that you are creating safe and sustainable water solutions.


Angel Tree

Angel Tree is a prison fellowship program that works to bring the grace of Jesus to families affected by incarceration. This year, give a gift to a child who’s parent cannot be with them this year.


Generosity feeds

Generosity Feeds works to provide healthy foods to children who face hunger in America. Through food-packing events, generosity feeds packs thousands of meals each event, then gives them to local schools and food pantries to put the food directly into the hands of children and families in need.


Cardboard Prophets

The Cardboard Prophets is an organization from my home-town of Lansing, Michigan. This organization reaches the homeless population by creating a tiny-food pantry system throughout the city. This growing system allows for homeless and individuals who are at risk to homelessness to have access to food and other needs right in their neighborhood.

I share this organization in hopes that those of you who are not from my local area will have ideas to spread the grace of Jesus in the ways that the Cardboard Prophets have begun.

Network for Good

This last resource for giving, will allow you to search your own ways to bring grace to the world.


Matthew 25:40

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